Sandra Hilleard

Let Me Help You With Amazing Mind Science Hacks.

No two minds are the same. Yet, we expect all people to learn in the same way. I have developed learning strategies that can help you overcome challenges you may be facing in ordinary education.

What I Do

I have a hunger for learning, and a passion for teaching and investigating uncommon mind sciences.

Training Facilitator.

My career in vocational educational training started in 2009. As a facilitator, I have taught many courses, and I feel fortunate to be able to teach all of my favorite topics. Remote Viewing, Business, Project Management, Security & Investigations, and Forensic Art

Instructional Designer.

In my previous career, I was a Graphic Designer and Web Designer. Instructional Design fitted perfectly with my passion for teaching and my research, writing, and design skills. With years of classroom experience, I now create online courses for myself and for my clients.

Published Author.

In December 2013 I published my book “Anomalies”. A very personal account of several anomalous experiences, throughout my life. After presenting the English version in the Netherlands, a Dutch publisher decided to publish the book in my native language Dutch.

Remote Viewing Consultant.

I educate businesses and the public on the practical use of Remote Viewing. The pro’s and con’s of using Remote Viewing as a tool. Legal and ethical considerations when using Remote Viewing. The important criteria to look for when hiring a Remote Viewer or Remote Viewing team. The major differences between Corporate Psychics and Remote Viewers.

Remote Viewing Trainer.

In 2009, I completed my training in Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) and Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), with David Morehouse Ph.D., in Carlsbad California, USA. I also completed my Certificate in Vocational Educational Training and Assessment here in Australia. Ever since I have been teaching Remote Viewing in classroom settings and online to students all over the world. The results have been amazing!

Remote Viewing Research.

I developed a Remote Viewing training and research application named ProjectX, a double-blind system with a very tight but elaborate feedback loop to enhance learning. This data is made available to reputable researchers in the field. They can request the anonymous data this system produces, to investigate their hypothesis regarding psychic functioning.

Need Advice?

Do you have questions about natural psychic abilities or Remote Viewing? Do you consider hiring a Remote Viewer?

Feel free to contact me via the email below.


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” I have recently completed the live CRV online via Zoom course with Sandra Hilleard and it was honestly one of the most life-altering courses which I have ever done.

The content was mind-blowing and the way in which it was presented was so relaxed and easy to follow. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sandra brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight to her presentations. She is a gifted teacher who encourages and values her students. Every question is considered and answered in-depth until the student reaches full understanding. She is always approachable and as a student, I always felt important and respected.

I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough to anyone wishing to be educated in this most fascinating of subjects. She truly is an outstanding master in her field.

Helen J. Hopkins
Registered Nurse -NSW Australia

Sandra Hilleard
Sandra Hilleard