Sandra Hilleard

About Sandra Hilleard

My Story

I was born and raised in the Netherlands in 1973 on a small island in the coastal town IJmuiden. From an early age, I realised I was different from most children. I was the quiet, curious nerdy type hiding from the bullies. Around the age of 15, I started to have some very unusual experiences. I was always told that ghosts do not exist and psychics just do magic tricks, but I was experiencing psychic abilities that I could not explain. My only logical conclusion at the time was, that I must be going crazy!

Psychology Failed?

I frantically searched for logical explanations as to what could be happening to me. I spent hours in the library after school, searching for answers in Psychology books. There had to be a logical explanation, right? Well, it didn’t turn out to be that simple!

As soon as I found some possible explanations, something happened that threw that theory out the window. For example Ghosts according to some theories are figments of the individual person’s imagination. It could be triggered by a loss and be a stage of mourning. Logically we miss the deceased loved one and subconsciously project an image of them in our environment. I was happy with that explanation until I was seeing “Ghosts” of people I wasn’t mourning for! These were people I did not know!

 Still, the human mind can, and often does, play tricks on us, and it could be that it is indeed just a projected fantasy, imagination, or hallucination. This is another fair theoretical explanation! However, when another person, without prompting is seeing the same “Ghosts” you are seeing, that means two people are independently hallucinating the same things at the same time! Now, that is highly unlikely, unless “ghosts” are real! Perhaps Carl Gustav Jung had a point with The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious?

Physical Evidence Adding to the Mystery

Another piece of evidence was added to the puzzle when a skeptical neighbour took a photo of me with a basic analog camera. He showed me the photos after he got them developed. He said: “I don’t believe in ghosts, but have a look at this picture!” The ghostly image of a lady was visible in the TV which was clearly switched off at the time. It was the lady I had seen many times.

Seeing Remote Events

More unexplainable phenomena happened to me. I was able to see in my mind a situation that happened 80km from where I was. When I described the situation the next day to the person involved, they were stunned! I could not possibly have known what happened to them that night. There was no way that I could recount details so accurately unless I had been there!

 These psychic events baffled not just the person involved, but also me! I had no clue what was happening to me. Was I psychic? But Psychics are not real! According to the general scientific community, the psychic ability doesn’t exist! It is all just a very strange coincidence! It must be!

Until it happened again…and again! I baffled several people with my spontaneous ability and sometimes unintentionally freaked them out! To be honest, it scared me too! I still wasn’t any closer to a logical explanation for what just happened.

I got tired of shocking myself and others with spontaneous knowledge I couldn’t have known. I wanted to get rid of this burden. Until a regression therapist by the name of Hans Ten Dam actually told me I should do more research and learn how to use it.

From Psychic to Remote Viewer

I found that Stanford Research Institute had done 25 years of research into Coordinate and Controlled Remote Viewing and that there was actually a declassified Military program called Star Gate, where they had trained Psychic Spies. If they have managed to train people, I can get this ability under control! I decided to learn Remote Viewing to be able to control my ability and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is indeed a real ability and skill.

What Can I Do for You?

I have decades of actual experience with Psychic Abilities and I trained as a Remote Viewer. I have a down-to-earth and logical approach.

I’m a public speaker who can speak from experience about Psychic Abilities and Remote Viewing.

Psychics and Remote Viewers alike face many stigmas and a lot of prejudice. This makes it difficult for an ordinary person who experiences these phenomena to be taken seriously. In a world where there is as much information as there is disinformation is it difficult to be discerning and it is easier to just dismiss everything that doesn’t fit our societal picture. In some cases that means we are dismissing an uncomfortable truth. Psychic ability is real, it doesn’t go away by simply dismissing it. In fact, there are millions of people who have the ability and they are afraid to talk about it. Being psychic is not a mental health issue, but it can cause some serious cognitive dissonance, isolation, and distress if not acknowledged.

As a Remote Viewer, I’ve worked with law enforcement agencies around the world to provide new leads and clues in some of their most challenging cases.

Firstly, Remote Viewers do not solve cases! They do not provide evidence! Detectives and great forensic teamwork can solve cases. What Remote Viewers can provide is the point of an “unusual assigned independent witness”. Usually, a case-file number with a specific open-ended question is assigned to the Remote Viewer. The Remote Viewer will receive the case-file number only and concentrate on the unknown “target” or what it is the Detective needs to know. The Remote Viewer will record their perceptions through sketches and writing. A typed report, including the sketches, will be sent to the Detective in charge. The information in the report can contain clues or insights previously overlooked.

My students work on practical solutions to various problems as Remote Viewing Apprentices.

A newly learned skill is quickly lost if it is not put into practice. New Remote Viewers need to be able to make use of their skills and further develop through actual practice! Apprenticeship Targets are real-world projects for businesses that require innovative solutions. Remote Viewers will be tasked with sketching and describing the optimum solution to a problem and they will receive a number assigned to that task. These sessions need to be submitted via email before a deadline. After the deadline, the target is revealed and the Remote Viewers brainstorm on the potential solutions they have sketched and described in their session. They can then decide to submit it to the company requesting the public to submit innovations (usually a design or innovation competition) or withhold the information to patent the ideas themselves. After the Remote Viewing training, the actual learning begins!

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance or have any questions about how to engage Remote Viewers for your project.