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Here is an overview of some of the courses offered by Sandra Hilleard. More can be found on Sandra Hilleard Academy

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Remote Viewing CRV – Private Tuition & Mentoring

A full week of 5-days personal private tuition and mentoring. This is an exclusive package for those who need private tuition for personal reasons and cannot attend classroom training. This is only available once a year. Location and requirements can be discussed. We reserve the option to decline requests for personal tuition.

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Remote Viewing CRV – Classroom Training

Upcoming training in Sydney, Australia has already been scheduled and is currently open for enrolment. Click here to view the calendar!

Remote Viewing CRV – Live Zoom Training

Ideal for those who cannot travel at the moment, or those engaged in full-time work or care. Training is over 6 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays. The course requires a minimum of 20 hours of practice over the 6-week period. Repeat training is free of charge, provided there is space on the course. Free Remote Viewing training tool and manual included.

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Free Online Remote Viewing Introductory Course

This fully online, self-paced CRV Remote Viewing introductory course will be launched soon. It is intended for those who are not familiar with the skill of Remote Viewing and who would like to learn more about it.

Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence Course

A fully online, self-paced course for personal development of Intuitive Intelligence. Ideal for those who work irregular jobs and still want to study. This course will be online via Sandra Hilleard Academy.

Law Enforcement Course

Remote Viewing & Law Enforcement

This course is currently under development and will only be accessible to those who present evidence they are employed in Law Enforcement.