Intoductory CRV Course Unit Online

Free Introductory Course Unit – Remote Viewing CRV – ONLINE

This Free Introductory Course Unit in Remote Viewing CRV is intended for those who are interested in learning Remote Viewing (CRV Method).

During this introduction your trainer Sandra Hilleard will touch on the following topics:

  • What is Remote Viewing? (And what is it not?)
  • A very brief history of the development and application of Remote Viewing
  • Related sciences and how they apply
  • How operational targets work, in real-world applications
  • How training targets work and why they are designed that way
  • The pathway from Beginner to Advanced Remote Viewer
  • Potential uses of Remote Viewing
  • Legal & Ethical considerations in Remote Viewing applications
  • Health & Safety in relation to Remote Viewing
  • Details about the full 7-week training course online (another 6 consecutive Saturdays at the same time.)
  • Questions & Answers

Reveal of the previous weeks target for previous students (and those who are already trained in CRV.)

You can join the Free Introductory CRV course unit here:

Topic: Free Introductory CRV Course Unit
Time: 5:00 PM Perth – Western Australia Time (Please check your time-zone conversion here)

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Meeting ID: 881 6635 5664
Passcode: 789468