Sketch Forensic

IRVA Conference Online 2022 – Forensic Art and Remote Viewing

I feel honoured to be invited as a speaker at the IRVA conference online. The International Remote Viewing Association is celebrating 50 Years since it was founded.

How Forensic Art Techniques can help with Remote Viewing

During this online workshop, you will discover the similarities between Forensic Art and Remote Viewing and how combining these two skills can lead to astonishing results where sketches and descriptions help law enforcement solve cases.

In part 1 of this workshop (approx. 40 minutes), you will be presented with the background and argument for why these techniques have much in common. You will be provided with resources for further study if you would like to continue after the workshop.

(There will be a short 10-minute break.)

In part 2 of this workshop (approx. 40 minutes), it is time to sharpen your pencils, bring out the kneadable erasers and start practising the basics you have learned during part 1 of the workshop. You will practice interview techniques and you will create a sketch of a face you cannot see by asking the right questions. Feedback will be provided at the end of the workshop.

Note: We are not practising Remote Viewing during the Workshop, but techniques you can use to enhance the expression of Remote Viewing perceptions, in particular, related to perceptions of people.