Parapsychology Australia Online Conference

The Third Parapsychology Australia Online (PAO) conference boasts another fantastic smorgasbord of topics and speakers!

Introducing: John Kruth, Sarah Lemos, James Houran & Brian Laythe, Douglas C. Hodgson, & James Barker.

The Power of Place: The Creation of Sacred Spaces

(Dr. John G. Kruth, Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center, USA)

You walk into a room, and you immediately feel peaceful and calm. A new city seems like home even though you’ve never visited before. The building on the corner draws your attention, and you have a  strong need to go inside. Everyone has felt the power of place and recognized the unusual connection they feel to a location. Some of these locations hold this same attraction for many people, which can cause them to become sacred spaces. Does psi have a role in creating a sacred space? How have experimental projects in PK and Healing contributed to our knowledge of spaces that hold energies.


The Paranormal through the Eyes of a Medium

(Sarah Lemos, Celebrity Psychic, USA)

Journey with Sarah Lemos as she leads you into the world of what it is like to be a Medium. She will elaborate upon how growing up as a Psychic was not easy. However, with the right tools, one can navigate and manage the world between worlds, while staying grounded in this world. Having done many paranormal investigations, some with the ex-FBI Special Agent, Ben Hansen, Sarah will educate you about the role and job of a Psychic Medium in a Paranormal Investigation Team. Sarah will also explain how you can work with your own gifts to amplify the opportunity for communication to the ‘other side.’


A Next-Gen Study of Ghostly Episodes

(James Houran, Research Director at Integrated Knowledge Systems & Brian Laythe, Director of the Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience, USA)

Learn the latest research and thinking on ghosts and haunted houses from “The Global Gang” — a unique cross-cultural team of researchers with diverse views on the paranormal. This team recently completed a five-year research program to understand who experiences ghostly episodes and why. Hear about their case for what they call “Haunted People Syndrome.”

What We Can Learn from 500 Accounts of Near-Death Experiences

(Douglas C. Hodgson, Lawyer, Researcher, Author, Australia)

Professor Hodgson will speak on the research which formed the basis of his latest book which examines hundreds of intriguing first-hand accounts of people who have undergone a near-death experience (NDE) and what was revealed to them while outside their physical bodies, including revelations into the afterlife, why we are here and the nature of the soul-consciousness.

The Australian Skeptics $100,000 Challenge (James Barker, Psychic Skeptic & Author, Australia)

From an early age James Barker has had dreams that came true. In 2007, he dreamt of a murder and saw the murderer’s surname. A few months later it came true. This was when James decided to enter the Australian Skeptics $100,000 Challenge. James thought of it as an opportunity to help further the study of the paranormal. He expected the Skeptics to be open minded scientists, eager to further the scientific study of the paranormal. Boy was he wrong. This presentation will discuss the background of trying to enter the Skeptic’s Challenge, the dreams that were submitted, and the end results.


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