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Some days I ask myself, how do I do all of this? I’m working on multiple projects at the same time, and yet things get done! Mind you, I am working practically seven days a week!

If I am not giving training online, I am designing course material and on other days I create websites, rescue websites, and write articles. Still, I study a lot, read 2- books per week, learn new skills, and take time to practice some old skills.

The secret is multi-tasking! And that’s quite funny coming from a person who is easily distracted. There are of course certain things you shouldn’t be doing at the same time! Texting and trying to drive is one of those very dangerous examples! Don’t do it!

But instead of listening to the radio on my way to work, I listen to educational audiobooks and have learned different languages, psychology, neuroscience, marketing, business strategies, philosophy, parapsychology, and even financial strategies all while driving to work. Now, my drive here in Australia takes about 45 minutes to and from work. That is an hour-and-a-half of study time every day I drive.

Cleaning, doing the dishes, and vacuuming are other times that are ideal for learning! The vacuum is too noisy for me and I find the sound downright annoying! But, with some portable headphones, the noise is reduced and my mind is busy learning.

I often eat behind my desk, or I take my laptop outside. Sometimes I use two laptops. While one is rendering a video or taking forever to process something, I am working on the other laptop, sending a few emails, or keeping track of my ToDo list.

If I attend webinars, and no input is required on my part, I use portable headphones and start working on other projects while listening in and making occasional notes of interesting things discussed.

At night I listen to meditation audios, novels, or Hemi-sync audio, just before I doze off to sleep, Hemi-sync will also help you learn while you sleep and retain information better. Since listening doesn’t require watching the screen, (Blue light is detrimental to good sleep), I fall asleep easily.