Remote Viewing and Art

Remote Viewing is not only used for intelligence purposes, it can also be used in artworks and creative concepts! It certainly gets the creative juices flowing! The team has recently conducted Remote Viewing sessions on the winning concept of an art competition. It was an interesting and fun exercise.

Apprenticeship Target 2022-0597 – Explore beyond limits – The Asus ProArtist Award 2022

On the 25th of April 2022, the Remote Viewers were sent Target Reference numbers 2022-0597 and the task was “Sketch and Describe the Concept”. They were not told this number referred to the Asus ProArtist Award 2022. The concept was: “Explore Beyond Limits”. They were given the following instructions: Please submit your sessions before the deadline on the 6th of May before 17:00 hrs Perth time. We will discuss the target on Saturday the 7th of May in a Zoom meeting.

The Apprenticeship Program is designed to give Remote Viewing students an opportunity to practice their skills in the real world, with the purpose of using it in practical applications and demonstrating competency. This will build a portfolio of work completed on useful projects and is a learning experience for all involved. Clients who request Remote Viewing sessions will be able to see the actual results of their skills in action and will have Remote Viewers who have demonstrated proven results.

Feedback for Remote Viewers

On Saturday the 7th of May the target was revealed to the Remote Viewers and as usual, there was a discussion about the different perceptions and the commonalities in the individual sessions. They were told they had been viewing the Asus ProArtist Award 2022 – beyond limits – optimum result. The submission deadline was the 15th of May for any artworks participating in the competition. Remote Viewers could decide to enter this competition or wait for the results.

Image: Feedback Sheet

Remote Viewers Submission in Category Photography

Although several Remote Viewers submitted their sessions, only three were able to join our discussion this time. Michele, Rod and Helen. Michele saw potential in the creative application and has submitted a brilliant artwork in the Photography category of the competition.

Submission by Michele Surcouf

Michele is also a talented artist, who has been studying Forensic Facial Reconstruction. We also discussed her work in that area at the end of the video. Participating Remote Viewers, Helen & Rod Hopkins and Michele Surcouf all described something resembling space and/or an “alien” planet. The concept of “Explore Beyond Limits” was interpreted as outer space, which is limitless. Our discussion is posted below.

We will have to wait for the results of the competition for full feedback. The winners will be announced at the end of June 2022.