Sandra Hilleard

Remote Viewing Consultant

Remote Viewing Practical Applications

Remote Viewing is a powerful tool if used correctly! It can provide valuable information that allows businesses, individuals, and law enforcement agencies to make informed decisions, with additional information that is not readily accessible by ordinary means.

Our team of trained Remote Viewers has been tested under double-blind conditions and produced excellent results. The team has worked on real-world applications and their individual strengths have been recorded. Although past results are not a guarantee for future results, you are working with a team that has been trialed and tested.

Remote Viewing is the use of Extrasensory Perception to obtain perceptual information on people, locations, and objects using a double-blind or blind scientific protocol. With Remote Viewing, it is possible to obtain information that cannot be obtained by any other currently known means. This could be information from past and future events, or events that had no known or surviving witnesses.

A Remote Viewing consultant will first ascertain the purpose and legitimacy of the client’s request. This may involve a preliminary background check or request for evidence to confirm the identity of the persons requesting information.

Legal & Ethical Considerations

 Following this, it will be determined if there are any legal restrictions that apply to the case, that may prohibit us or the client from using Remote Viewing information as a tool. Laws differ from state to state and country to country. Remote Viewing can cross all borders. We have no intention to violate any country’s laws and we will attempt to research the laws of the country to the best of our ability, to ensure we are not overstepping any boundaries.

If the individual has a legitimate reason to request information and there are no legal restrictions, it is then determined if the Remote Viewing process is indeed the right tool to provide that information.

Important note: We do not accept requests to provide any information on any current active military forces, on or in any country or state! We will, in some instances, accept historical cases such as providing information on the location of WWII equipment and artifacts.

Resource requirements

Remote Viewing is not a stand-alone tool and it will have to be applied in conjunction with other available resources. If no such resources are available or can be made available, Remote Viewing is pointless. We are determined to produce the desired outcome for our clients, however, if the required additional resources are not available, the client would be wasting time and money. Resource requirements need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Pro Bono work

Over the years we have worked many Pro Bono cases, specifically for law enforcement and to help families of missing persons. Unfortunately, our time and resources are limited and we have had to decline some requests. As much as we would like to help everyone, it is simply no longer possible to accept every request without sponsorship or donations.

Remote Viewing Limitations

Remote Viewing is based on Extrasensory Perception and human perception is per definition not infallible. Much like general witness statements can have some accurate information and some inaccurate information, Remote Viewing similarly can have some accurate and some inaccurate information. This does not mean that the information cannot be used to further investigate a case. Another limitation is that most Remote Viewers have great difficulty reading words or numbers. Although it is not impossible, it is quite rare for Remote Viewers to obtain alpha-numeric information.

Actionable Results

We like to produce actionable results for our clients. Esoteric type targets are not normally actionable as no evidence will be made available to confirm the data, resulting in no feedback. This is the reason we generally decline cases of an esoteric nature.

Remote Viewing Team Assignments

If the client proves to have a valid question and there are no issues with the legality of the project, a team of Remote Viewers can be assigned. The Remote Viewing Consultant will assign Remote Viewers who have produced good results in the applicable field. The Remote Viewers will be given a random number assigned to the case only and they will provide information following a structured procedure, within a reasonable deadline. The information will be collated in a report, with a brief analysis. Once the report is completed, the report will be sent to the client.

One Remote Viewer Assignment – (Law Enforcement only)

If the client has not disclosed too much information to Sandra Hilleard, she can be working a Remote Viewing session for approved and verified law enforcement agencies. She has the uncanny ability to identify people and on some occasions has been able to provide names or partial names. With her background in Forensic Facial Reconstruction, she has been able to create sketches of persons of interest and provide police with identifiable information on the person or persons of interest. She has also used basic identikit software to generate composite photographs.


The Remote Viewing information provided and client information are confidential unless the client agrees that the case can be published. In some cases, the client agrees, under the condition, that certain names are withheld. Although it is important that real-world cases can be used as a show-case, providing evidence this tool can be extremely helpful, the confidentiality and trust of our clients are more important than show-casing results.

Confidentiality is especially important in active or ongoing law enforcement cases. This type of information should never be made public before the case is closed! Any public information could harm the case, or the people involved. Unfortunately, those who are not trained in investigative techniques often have no idea this can ruin months or years of hard work by investigators or detectives on the case! Their intentions of making things public to prove a point are unhelpful to law enforcement, to say the least.


Although some of our clients have given permission to publish some of the work, others remain private and confidential. Others have agreed they are willing to be a reference upon request only.

Published Public Work

Some of the work has been published and is available in books and publications.

Feedback & Reviews

What our clients are saying:

“Sandra’s sketch was a dead-ringer for the guy the FBI have now arrested, he confessed and they secured the evidence!”

Name Withheld

Naval Intelligence Officer – USA

“You accurately described the man I have been looking for, for a long time! You also sketched him. Wow!”

Kelly Snyder

FindMe Group – USA

“You are an amazing Remote Viewer. You have identified the medical issue I have without me telling you anything.”

Alex L.


Professional Qualifications

Sandra Hilleard holds the following relevant qualifications.

Sandra holds qualifications in the following areas:

  • Cert. – Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing
  • Cert. III – Investigations
  • Cert. II – Security Operations
  • Cert. – Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield – UK)
  • Cert. – Foundations of Psychology (RMIT University)
  • Cert – Understanding Origins of Crime (Griffith University)
  • Statement of Attainment – Screen People / Screen Items
  • METT Micro Expression Training Advanced – Expert Level Certificate
  • Cert. – Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data (John Hopkins University)
  • Cert. of Achievement – Teaching Adult Learners (Central Institute of Technology)
  • Cert. – Collecting Pathology Specimens other than Blood
  • Cert. – Dangerous Goods by Air Acceptance
  • Dip. Counseling
  • Dip. Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Cert. Hypnotherapy

Professional Background:

Sandra has been a Remote Viewing consultant for more than a decade to different businesses, agencies, and private clients, providing information on different topics such as:

  • Engineering Solutions
  • Lost property
  • Missing persons (Law Enforcement only)
  • Criminal cases (Law Enforcement only)
  • Private investigations (Licenced investigators only)
  • Investment risk assessments
  • Corporate risk assessments
  • Security assessments
  • Historical or Archaeological recovery



Security Licence – WA


Inquiry Agent License

Private Investigators License

Note on Missing Persona Cases

We never provide information about a missing person directly to the family. We respect people’s privacy and acknowledge some people have a legitimate reason to not be contacted (such as those in witness protection programs). We only provide information to the law enforcement agency working on the case. In cases where law enforcement is not working on the case, we will only work with a licensed private investigator.

Need Advice?

Preliminary consultation is free of charge. Please send your inquiry via email. Phone or Zoom consultations can be scheduled.