Remote Viewing: It’s about time travel!

“Time is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

Albert Einstein

This appears to be true in Remote Viewing! Information can be obtained from the past, present or future and from anywhere in this world or outside of it. Psychics and Remote Viewers alike have, through the ages, been able to look at past events they never attended physically, current events they are not physically part of and future events that have not even happened yet!

We know from the scientific research on Remote Viewing and countless reports that it does work! There is enough statistical evidence obtained under strict laboratory conditions to make even sceptics scratch their heads. Although we know it is a real phenomenon, we still can’t explain exactly how it works! We have some clues and yet despite talent, training and practice, unexpected things sometimes happen! The most elusive part is…TIME!

Perception of time

Your day at the office may drag on one day, while on other days time seems to go so quickly! If you are in a life-threatening situation, everything can be perceived in slow motion. The clock will still tick second by second, that doesn’t change! What does change is how our brain perceives events. Normally our brain knows something was a past event, and what is occurring right now and we can also tell if we are imagining what the future will be like. For most people that is not an issue!

But during Remote Viewing, there is a split awareness. The Remote Viewer knows they are in the present at their current location, but they also perceive things that have happened, are happening right now or will happen in the future at the same time in another location. In that state, estimating time or where you are on a linear timeline is challenging! Naming the location can be challenging too because you have no reference point of how you got from A to B. Suddenly your conscious awareness is at another location in some other time. Since your conscious awareness can travel from A to B in literally no time (instantaneously), you also have no reference point of time! Time, in that state, does not exist, and neither does distance through space!

Yes, Remote Viewers can go to Mars and beyond in less than milliseconds! Beat that one Elon Musk! 😉 On a side note: Elon’s team will likely use the Neuralink to establish instantaneous non-local consciousness communication in the distant “future” as it would be the most probable way forward in deep-space communication.)

Linear time as we normally perceive it doesn’t exist in “psychic space”. Even that term is not quite correct, because it implies space and therefore distance, but there appears to be no distance at all. That causes a serious conversion problem! Because every conversion needs a reference point, which we don’t have.

Pat Price – Swimming pool, Water Treatment Plant or both?

Researcher Russell Targ recounts a Remote Viewing session by Pat Price. In short: Under double-blind conditions, Pat remote viewed a location that was later identified as a swimming pool complex near Palo Alto, California. His descriptions were accurate, but the session also contained information that appeared inaccurate at the time. He had sketched and described two additional large circular water containers, and called them part of a water treatment plant. At the time, these circular objects were not at the target site. Years later, after Pat Price’s death, there was a historical publication of what the site used to be like, decades prior. To everyone’s amazement, there used to be a water treatment plant with two circular water tanks exactly where Pat described them. During his lifetime Pat never received feedback on that fact.

Pat Price Sketch
The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities – Page 61 – by Russell Targ · 2012

Practice session – No fire, but smoke and smell of fire

I remember a double-blind practice Remote Viewing Session I did years ago of a location that turned out to be a particular church in the UK. During my session, I detected smoke and the smell of smoke and burning, but there were no perceptions of heat or flames at this location. The location was identified as a historical structure, most likely used for religious purposes.

After feedback, the particular church was intact and not damaged by fire. My session data seemed partially incorrect. Further research uncovered a report that 6 months prior to the session, there was a major fire exercise in that church, where the fire brigade set off smoke pods to simulate a fire emergency to evaluate an evacuation plan.

It seemed I had picked up on all the excitement that happened 6 months prior when there was the smell of smoke and actual smoke but no actual fire. Since there was no reference point of time during the session, I had no idea I was remote viewing the past and not the current situation.

There are many more examples of accurate sessions of the correct location, in an apparent different time. Although it doesn’t always happen, occasionally someone is looking at the correct target in the past or in the future and not at the given (target) date. For example: At the time the target photograph was taken.

Several Theories as to how this time displacement could happen

  1. Entropy – Targets stand out more when there is a lot happening, in contrast to when there is nothing happening. The action (energy, change or entropy) draws the attention of the Remote Viewer.
  2. Time Illusion – Our brain generally processes time in a linear fashion. This “normal” perception might be somewhat flawed. It serves us well in our normal life, but in space-time, we have no accurate measurement because time, “as we know it”, does not exist. Hence the quote: “Time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” rings true!
  3. Space-Time shifting – Gravitational forces can bend space-time. And if our consciousness is operating in space-time during Remote Viewing, it could be influenced by fluctuations in a gravitational field and our consciousness might shift to another time.
  4. Holographic Perception – If the universe is a holographic one, it is possible we can have access to information from anywhere instantly, as the information itself exists in everything and that would include all events in time.
  5. Relativity – We normally perceive time relative to our location and the movement of something else through space. This seems to go out the window when we apply it to Remote Viewing or non-local conscious awareness. In non-local awareness, there is no relative point!

Measuring time and Conversions of Space-Time to Linear time

To measure and test anything, we need to measure it against something else. An anchor point or baseline. This makes things very challenging when it comes to non-local awareness! We don’t have a proper conversion from non-local space-time to a defined local time and place. This compatibility problem is also apparent in Physics and Quantum Physics.

For now, as Remote Viewers, we just need to be aware that time-slipping may occur. We don’t know which of the theories apply and why… but it happens occasionally. If we can find the solution to conversion, we can increase the accuracy and reliability significantly. For now, all we can do is observe and report, perhaps one day we will uncover a pattern.