Different flavours same thing

Remote Viewing Methods and Styles

Methods or Styles of Remote Viewing

In Remote Viewing, there are several different methods or styles. Much like different flavours of the same thing! Yes, this is a hot topic or a spicey subject!

Originally it was called Coordinate Remote Viewing by Ingo Swann. The method used latitude and longitude coordinates on the map to remotely view distant locations. Later the more accurate name Controlled Remote Viewing came about, as they were no longer using map coordinates to define and encrypt different targets. A random set of numbers was simply assigned to a task and only the numbers were given to the Remote Viewers. This is following the protocol.

Protocols of Remote Viewing

Double-Blind Protocol

Double-blind is a formal research protocol, used in many scientific studies. It is used to prevent the participants from having preconceived ideas of what is expected. This means the Remote Viewer and the person who is running the experiment both have no idea what the Remote Viewer is supposed to describe.

Double-blinding is commonly used in drug trials to ensure the participants and the treating physician do not know if the patient is given a placebo or the real medicine. Following this protocol is the most valid way of ensuring the data the Remote Viewer reports, could not have been obtained by any normal known means. Things like “cold reading” (reading body language and facial cues), lucky guesses or cheating are excluded.

Single-Blind or Blind

Single-Blinding means that the experimenter knows what the target is or knows something about the target, but does not share that information with the Remote Viewer. The experimenter should not be in the room with the Remote Viewer at the time of their session, to prevent cold reading.

Partially Frontloaded

This is when the Remote Viewer receives some generic information before the session. For example: “Focus on the location of our missing person. Although the Remote Viewer is not told if the missing person is male, female, old or young, they have clear instructions to focus their attention on a given missing person. It is sometimes used in operational Remote Viewing. In cases where nobody knows where the person might be.

Being Partially Frontloaded is actually more challenging for the Remote Viewer and requires a lot of mental discipline! The Remote Viewer may start to think about previous missing person cases or the statistical probability of a missing person being alive or not after a period of time. This is their thinking and logical mind! It gets in the way of extrasensory perceptions if they do not yet have the mental discipline to clear their mind completely and let go of expectations. For this reason, most Remote Viewers don’t like to have any information beforehand.

Different Methods

Coordinate Remote Viewing (Ingo Swann)

Originally coined by Ingo Swann, Coordinate Remote Viewing was indeed initially using map coordinates. It developed into training after the research at SRI was successful. There were some doubts that Remote Viewers might have an eidetic memory and remember all the coordinates on Earth’s maps and the corresponding locations. The name remained, although coordinates were no longer used. Ingo trained some of the first US military Remote Viewers, who later started to teach the public. Some of the trainers have adjusted the original training to what they believe to work best for them, others were concerned with using Ingo’s original terminology.

Controlled Remote Viewing (Paul Smith)

Paul Smith is a well-known Remote Viewer and Remote Viewing trainer. He has been head of the Remote Viewing Unit in Fort Meade Maryland. He founded RVIS in Utah, to teach Controlled Remote Viewing. Paul uses the original terminology and processes close to how Ingo Swann conveyed it to him. The method is practically the same as taught by David Morehouse, with the major differences in the approach of Stage 5 & Stage 6 of the method. Paul focuses on training his students well and giving them a unique “Stargate History” insider perspective. Training with Paul in Utah is of course an experience in itself!

Controlled Remote Viewing (Lyn Buchanan)

Lyn is also very well-known as a Stargate Remote Viewer. He founded Problems – Solutions – Innovations (PSI) and went on to teach many students. Lyn is a warm and kind mentor always ready with good tips and great stories! Although the Remote Viewing method Lyn teaches, Controlled Remote Viewing (Lyn’s Style), is in principle close to the original Coordinate Remote Viewing, it has its own terminology and some differences when it comes to the Ideograms. Lyn has also developed a system of measuring progress, by scoring sessions and keeping database records of each session to analyse and compare later. Lyn has now retired.

Lyn has taught other notable Controlled Remote Viewing Trainers, such as Lori Williams, who has started her own CRV (Lyn’s-style) training program and Teresa Marshall-Frish. Lyn has also trained Gail Husick who runs an operational Remote Viewing Service called the Husick Group from Seattle Washington USA.

Controlled Remote Viewing Style (Lori Williams)

Lori was taught by Lyn Buchanan and has started her CRV training (Lyn’s Style). She has trained many Remote Viewers and actively promotes her courses online, with Lyn’s blessing.

Technical Remote Viewing Method (Ed Dames)

Ed Dames or Major Ed Dames was one of the first Military Remote Viewers to teach Remote Viewing to the public. He first started PSI-Tech with Jonina Duriff, he later went on to teach Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) a simplified version of the CRV method. Ed has earnt the nickname Dr Doom, for predicting the devastation of the earth by a giant solar flare. Ed is recommending his students learn Remote Viewing to find their own “Sanctuary” or safe haven and prepare for doomsday. Ed is mostly interested in Extraterrestrial beings, area 51, the Roswell crash and other esoteric type targets. The TRV remote viewing method works, but it is limited when it comes to practical applications.

Ed trained Dr Courtney Brown, who later started the Farsight Institute. Courtney is also very interested in Extraterrestrial beings and anomalous crafts. Courtney Brown went on to train Prudence Calabrace, she started to teach her own method called Trans-Dimensional Systems (TDS), Courtney and Prudence worked together for a while. Not long after an unfortunate incident caused some bad publicity, Prudence disappeared from public view. Courtney went on to run the Farsight Institute.

Controlled Remote Viewing (Bill Ray)

Bil Ray is a former Military Remote Viewer, who is occasionally assisting Paul Smith as a Monitor during training. Bill has led the Fort Mead Remote Viewing Unit for a while and has taught Remote Viewing to small groups of people. He is very knowledgeable about the practical applications of Remote Viewing. Bill claims his wife Sandy is even more talented than he is. She uses her own traditional methods which are apparently very effective! Bill is a great mentor, and an amazing human being, who is not afraid of heights!

Remote Viewing (Russell Targ)

Russell Targ, together with Harold Puthoff was running the original Remote Viewing Experiments out of Stanford Research Institute, in Menlo Park California USA. Although there is some debate if Russell has actually “trained” people in Remote Viewing. He let people try their abilities in a scientific setting (Faraday cage) and would assess if they were accurate. This later developed in a measure called the Targ-Scale. Some of these people were incredibly accurate! Most notably Ingo Swann, Uri Geller, Hella Hamid, Joe McMoneagle and former Burbank Police Commissioner Pat Price. Sadly, Pat Price died under suspicious circumstances at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. The cause of his death remains unknown to this day.

Remote Viewing (Joseph (Joe) McMoneagle)

Joe McMoneagle is arguably one of the most famous Remote Viewers. Joe “trained” at SRI, followed by practice under Skip (Fred) Atwater and training in control of Out of Body Experiences at the Monroe Institute in Nellysford Virginia. Joe had several Near-Death Experiences and a knack for avoiding dangerous situations. He was naturally talented and has proven this over and over under laboratory conditions and in practical applications. Although Joe holds on to the belief that Remote Viewers can’t be trained, he later decided to run courses at the Monroe Institute. He still believes World-Class Remote Viewers like himself are rare, they are born and not made. He earned the Legion of Merrit for his work as a Remote Viewer with invaluable intelligence collection. Joe teaches a “free form of Remote Viewing, akin to Extended Remote Viewing. He still uses Double-Blind or Blind conditions in his work. Joe is semi-retired.

Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing (David Morehouse)

David Morehouse was previously a successful army ranger, with a glowing career ahead of him. He suffered a blow to the head from a stray bullet on a practice round in the Jordanian desert. After this he had a vision, he should change his path, to a path of peace. He ended up at the Remote Viewing Unit in Fort Mead, Maryland USA, where he was trained as a Remote Viewer. He was an outstanding army officer with great potential, but he broke some rules. Eventually, he was forced to resign from the army. He suffered the consequences of his actions. He went on to study and earned a PhD. and wrote a very detailed book on Coordinate Remote Viewing. His book “Remote Viewing: The Complete User’s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing” is a very well researched and documented masterpiece. David is a kind trainer, who teaches Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing also to law enforcement in the United States. Jason Appleby is assisting with the training and sometimes takes over Davids’s classes. David Morehouse also trained John Herlosky, who is occasionally assisting David with training.

Coordinate Remote Viewing (Sandra Hilleard)

Natural psychic. First started with Ed Dames’s training on DVDs and VHS tapes. She instinctively knew, that although it worked, there was something missing in the training Ed Dames was presenting. It was not the full story. It later came to light that Ed Dames was not an experienced operational Remote Viewer, but a Remote Viewing Monitor. She came across David Morehouse’s book and decided that this made more sense from a Natural Psychic’s perspective and it was far better explained than the training initially presented by Ed Dames. She later designed the training for the RVU-Remote Viewing Unit. The RVU Remote Viewing Unit broke apart when she divorced in 2017 and Sandra started the training under her own name. She currently runs Sandra Hilleard Academy and is a Remote Viewing Trainer and Consultant. Sandra mentored Gabriel Boboc, a Romanian Remote Viewer and trained Stephen Hamper an Australian Remote Viewer, both have become teachers in their own right. Sandra focuses more on practical solutions to technical problems and Law Enforcement or missing person cases. Sandra still practices ERV but doesn’t teach it at the moment.

Scientific Remote Viewing Method (Courtney Brown)

Courtney Brown has trained Prudence Calabrese in Scientific Remote Viewing, who started to develop her own technique that is different to the original CRV but has been proven effective. Prudence is no longer training but her method Trans-Dimensional Systems is still widely used. Courtney also trained his daughter Princess and she teaches Scientific Remote Viewing too. Like Ed Dames, Courtney has a great interest in Extraterrestrial beings and UFOs or now UAPs and other unsolved mystery targets.

Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild (Dick Algire & Glenn Wheaton)

The Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild was led by Dick Algire and Glenn Wheaton. Their technique also has a slightly different method. Dick Algire is currently working with Daz Smith on Crypto Viewing a project to predict the upcoming news events.

Controlled Remote Viewing (Daz Smith)

Daz Smith is a long-standing and talented Remote Viewer based in Bath, UK. He was apparently trained by a mystery man named Leigh Culvert. Daz is very active in the community. He published the Remote Viewing Magazine “Eight Martinis” and has his own Patreon Site Crypto Viewing, providing predictions in relation to upcoming news and CryptoCurrency. He also provides Zoom interviews with all the major players in the Remote Viewing field. He teaches/mentors only very few people per year.

Associative Remote Viewing (Marty Rosenblatt)

Although Marty didn’t invent ARV, he is well known for his ARV protocol and his research in the field of ARV. For those who have completed CRV training (any style), ARV is a tool to predict the outcomes of Closed Questions. It is most actively used in the prediction of game outcomes or the stock market, but it can be applied in other areas. In ARV two different types of photographs or images are associated with Yes or No. The question is then posed: Will team A or team B win in this game? The Remote Viewers get asked to sketch and describe the image they will be shown after the game and submit their sketch before the game. The Remote Viewers do not get to see Image A or B and will only be shown image A if Team A has won or Image B if team B has won. Independent judges will assess what the Remote Viewers have sketched Image A or Image B. A bet will be placed if the majority of the Remote Viewers appear to have sketched one type of image A or B. It will be a pass or no bet if the Remote Viewers have sketched some things that are inconclusive. The Remote Viewers generally do not know what game the task pertains to. All they need to do is sketch the image they will be shown as the winning image after the game. Marty runs the Applied Precognition Project (APP).